Climate Change Education Corner: Essential Ingredients for a Scientific Consensus

In the fourth installment (October 24, 2022) of Climate Change Education Corner, NCSE's Executive Director Ann Reid explains, "Multiple, independent, high-quality lines of evidence; predictive power; overwhelming agreement among scientists — combine these ingredients and you have the recipe for scientific consensus."

Reid concentrates on the case of climate change, of course, observing, "[I]f you were to ask 100 climate scientists exactly what we can expect to happen with the climate in the next century, you’d get 100 slightly different answers. But ... their answers would all agree on the basics of climate change: It’s real; it’s bad; it’s us; and there’s hope."

A new series on the National Science Teaching Association's blog, Climate Change Education Corner features posts by NCSE authors with helpful information, insights, and resources for science educators about climate change and climate change education. The series is produced by NCSE and NSTA in collaboration. New articles appear every quarter; previous articles are archived on NCSE’s website.

Glenn Branch
Short Bio

Glenn Branch is Deputy Director of NCSE.