Climate Change Education Corner: 1.5°C May Not Seem Like Much ...

In the second installment (March 22, 2022) of Climate Change Education Corner, NCSE's Executive Director Ann Reid writes, with reference to the goal of the Paris Agreement to limit the increase of the global average temperature, "1.5°C May Not Seem Like Much, But It's a Really Big Deal. Here's Why."

"There's nothing magical about the 1.5°C/2.7°F limit," Reid concludes. "Everything won't be okay if we can keep warming below that level (it's already not okay!), and we won’t face an automatic apocalypse if temperatures rise by 1.6°C. But the faster we can cut emissions, and the sooner we reach a peak in temperatures followed by, hopefully, gradual cooling, the better for all of us, and for future generations."

A new series on the National Science Teaching Association's blog, Climate Change Education Corner features posts by NCSE authors with helpful information, insights, and resources for science educators about climate change and climate change education. The series is produced by NCSE and NSTA in collaboration. New posts will appear every quarter.

Glenn Branch
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Glenn Branch is Deputy Director of NCSE.