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March 5, 2020
Senate File 3949 (PDF), introduced in the Minnesota Senate on March 4, 2020, would, if enacted, encourage public school districts in the state "to include practical, age-appropriate instruction on climate change in ... kindergarten through grade 12 curriculum," with "starting a school garden or…
Rhode Island
March 3, 2020
Senate Resolution 2626 (PDF) would, if approved, express the support of the Rhode Island Senate for increased environmental and climate education in the state's public schools — and the NCSE/Penn State study of climate change education is cited as evidence of the need for the increase. Virtually…
March 3, 2020
Senate Concurrent Resolution 58, introduced in the Hawaii Senate on March 3, 2020, would, if adopted, urge the state department of education to "mandate a climate change curriculum in all public schools by no later than school year 2021-2022" and to incorporate such a curriculum in its ten-year…
New Jersey
February 27, 2020
Senate Bill 1970, introduced in the New Jersey Senate on February 25, 2020, would, if enacted, require local school districts to include information on climate change in their curricula and to adopt instructional materials that "accurately portray changes in weather and climate patterns over time,…

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