California State PTA raises its voice for climate change education

California State PTA logo

California State PTA adopted a resolution on climate change and climate change education — entitled "Climate Change is a Children's Issue" — at its annual convention in Sacramento, California, on May 2, 2015.

Observing that there is broad scientific consensus on climate change and the role of human activity in causing global warming, the resolution calls (draft; PDF) for the California State PTA to "urge its units, councils and districts to educate parents on the impact of climate change on children's health and future welfare" and for school districts to "educate students on climate and energy literacy and human sustainability."

NCSE's Minda Berbeco spoke in favor of the resolution, saying, "It is the mission of the California PTA to positively impact the lives of all children and families. By passing this resolution, we are telling our children, their teachers, and their schools that we, as their parents and guardians, are here for them, to support them as they learn how to navigate the challenges ahead and protect their future. I can't imagine a more important positive impact."

California State PTA involves nearly one million Californians who support the education and well-being of children in the state. The resolution will be submitted to the National PTA for its consideration.

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