Arkansas creationism bill apparently dies

When the Arkansas legislature recessed on April 3, 2017, House Bill 2050 (PDF) — which would, if enacted, have allowed "public schools to teach creationism and intelligent design as theories alongside the theory of evolution" — apparently died.

Introduced on March 6, 2017, by Mary Bentley (R-District 73), HB 2050 was filed as a shell bill, with only its title, subtitle, and a description of its purpose provided. Bentley apparently never provided the text of her bill to the legislature.

As NCSE previously observed, the federal courts have repeatedly held that teaching creationism in the public schools, whether under the guise of "creation science" or "intelligent design," is unconstitutional. 

According to Arkansas Online (February 4, 2017), the legislature will convene again on May 1, in order to give lawmakers "time to consider fixing errors in bills or override any vetoes" before it adjourns for good.