Are You Smarter Than A College Student?

How would you like to be confronted with a pop quiz on day one of a class? If the thought doesn’t make you giddy with competitive vim and vigor, be glad that you aren’t taking introductory biology at Brandeis University with professor James Morris. Morris, coauthor of the textbook Biology: How Life Works, gives his students a quiz so that he can get a snapshot of their understanding of evolution. The course is not a standard cells-to-ecology introduction to biology, but rather one that specifically focuses on evolution and biodiversity. It’s one-third of the introductory sequence at Brandeis, which also includes courses on cells and organisms and genetics and genomics.

How did the students fare? Well, see for yourself! Once you take the quick seven-question quiz, you’ll be able to see how you match up to everyone else who has taken it. If you’re a regular reader of mine, I expect great things. Each question covers material I’ve ranted about more than once in this forum. So, if you want to study up, read through the Misconception Monday catalogue.

Okay, off you go! Make me proud and report your results in the comments!

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