Are PragerU's climate change denial videos heading for Texas?

A scene from a PraegerU video.

"An announcement this week from PragerU, a conservative media company that counts K-12 education as one of its priorities, left some public education advocates and state leaders puzzled after the company said it was coming to Texas," reported the Austin American-Statesman (August 23, 2023).

Although the announcement claimed that PragerU is an approved education vendor in the state of Texas and featured praise from Julie Pickren, a member of the Texas state board of education, the chair of the board, Ken Ellis, told the American-Statesman that he had no knowledge of PragerU's having submitted any content for the board's approval.

PragerU's videos and their unsubstantiated claims about them were criticized by the Texas Freedom Network, which in a press release (August 22, 2023) observed, "This vendor's materials blatantly embrace the radical right's agenda," citing its "lessons that lie about fossil fuels' contribution to climate change" in particular.

The use of PragerU's videos was recently approved in Florida's classrooms, as NCSE previously reported. Although its videos have been approved there for use only in social studies classrooms for younger students, there is concern that its climate-change-denial videos may harm climate change education in the state.

Glenn Branch
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Glenn Branch is Deputy Director of NCSE.