Anticlimate bill dies in Kansas

Kansas's House Bill 2306 (PDF), a "strengths and weaknesses" bill aimed at climate science alone, died on March 1, 2013, when a deadline for bills to be considered in their house of origin passed. If enacted, HB 2306 would have expressed the legislature's recognition that "the teaching of certain scientific topics, such as climate science, may be controversial" and encouraged "the teaching of such scientific controversies to be made in an objective manner in which both the strengths and weaknesses of such scientific theory or hypothesis are covered."

According to the state legislature's website, HB 2306 was introduced by the House Standing Committee on Education, rather than by any individual legislator. Saying that the sponsors "fancy themselves scientists who think that public school teachers should question prevailing scientific opinion on climate change," the Hutchinson News (February 20, 2013) editorially commented, "In a session that has seen some wacko ideas, this one is out there." The editorial concluded by urging, "Leave the science to scientists and the teaching to teachers."