Kitzmas Haiku

Of Pandas and PeopleLast  Friday was the eighth anniversary of “Kitzmas,” the December, 20, 2005 ruling in the Kitzmiller v. Dover case involving “intelligent design” creationism. Unless you’ve just stepped off the Beagle from your epic eight-year round-the-world expedition, you know that this ruling was an unequivocal victory for science.

Josh Rosenau and Glenn Branch have already commemorated the occasion in verse here on the Science League of America, but if your taste in poetry tends toward the Japanese, here are a few haiku of celebration of the momentous day.

Sometimes a mousetrap
Intelligently designed
Is just a tie clip.

Reason, logic, and
Science on the witness stand
Sometimes we win one.

Strange things said in court.
Astrology is a science?
Laughter disinfects.

So unconstitutional
Everyone could see.

A stack of textbooks
Their weight crushes the sad claim
How embarrassing.

Even books evolve
Cdesign proponentsists
Strongly disagree.

The happy pandas
Play and nap in the warm sun
We argue indoors.

darwin and panda