Basic Science Saves Lives. Again. Part 1

Last week, in What We’re Reading, I recommended a recent Carl Zimmer article in The New York Times, “Bacteria-Infected Mosquitoes Could Slow Spread of Zika Virus.” The article drew my eye because it described a new application of the research of Scott O’Neill, researcher and Dean of the Faculty of Science at Monash University in Melbourne. I heard O’Neill speak a few years ago and his talk was so clear, so riveting, and frankly, so inspiring, that I remember it vividly. Also—it had the coolest graphics! O’Neill’s story was so compelling that I’m not surprised other researchers have picked up the idea and are putting it to use in a new context, as Zimmer’s piece explains. What was so good about O’Neill’s talk? Well, it had a number of terrific messages:

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