Attack on climate change in Michigan's social studies standards

References to climate change, among other topics, have been removed from a draft of Michigan's new proposed social studies standards by "a cadre of conservatives," according to a report from Bridge magazine (June 12, 2018). 

Particularly salient was the removal of the impact of global climate change as a suggested "Contemporary Investigation Topic" in the standards (PDF, p. 44) for sixth grade, although climate change is still mentioned there as a possible example.

According to Bridge, the cadre of conservatives was led by state senator Patrick Colbeck (R-District 7), who previously offered comments on the standards arguing that climate change is "not settled science."

The standards are not yet final, however; public comment on the standards will be accepted at a series of public meetings around the state and also on-line until June 30, 2018. The final decision will be taken by the state board of education.